Unplanned travel, unknown destination, new connections, long train journeys mesmerizing as they may sound but doing it together with people from 3 different generations, yes u read it right people from 3 different generations, was the most thrilling of all. With no idea of what is in store, google at our rescue we headed towards the himalyan ranges to explore the unknown.


Pack your bags we r leaving

Pack your bags we r going to the Himalayas is what I said to my mom and son. Made an impromptu plan just 2 days ahead of the journey and booked tatkal tickets to Pathankot. Very unlikely of me, no planned itinerary, no plan in mind booked a homestay, tightened my shoes and left home.

Anxiousness bit me, am I doing a right thing? Is it risk for mom and son to go totally unplanned.? Noises around in train faded all cuddled up in their berth for a peaceful sleep. Restlessness and anxiety didn’t let me sleep woke up starring out of my window, pitch dark, total silence and middle of nowhere.

Everyone was questioning how will you manage on your own but I was sure this was going to be our lives most special experience. Cold breeze and sunlit skies welcomed us as we stepped out of the train. A private cab awaited us at the station to take us to Mcleodganj.

Long weekend and long queue of cars

Reached the homestay we had booked freshened up and decided to step out to explore the place. Mcledoganj like any other hill stations has small steep narrow roads going up and down and leading to different places. Long weekend traffic started lining up on all roads so we had no option but to walk to monestry and then to Bhagsu falls. This wasn’t how I imagined the trip to be. I wanted it to be an experience we will cherish all our lives that is when I remembered my friends suggesting me to trek to Truind.

Mom change of plans! R u up for a trek?

60 yr old mom and 6 yr old son will they be able to do the trek, will trek be an experience they want to have. Many thoughts kept crossing my mind. Finally, I decided let me take a plunge and do something which we had never done in our lives. Had no clue how to start the trek and from where to start as it was not a part of the original plan. Spoke to the owner of the homestay she helped me book a cab to the starting point of the trek. Just with few eatables and water, we headed to the start point at 6 am next morning.

Our first trek begins

Rocky roads, dark surroundings and the sun playing hide and seek, anxiety was building up. The first 4 km to gully devi was not properly built roads it was full rocky, steep and curvy. We reached gullu devi and started our trek to Triund. Little did we know what awaited us? We had no idea that the path will be full of rocks and not a straight climb. Not even a km away and mom started giving up. Trekkers coming down started telling us that way ahead was steeper and we hardly had covered any distance.


I didn’t want to go back but also had the fear if mom fell sick or had trouble with her leg how will we walk down. We had planned to climb up and trek down the same day. Truind, unlike other trekking places, doesn’t need a guide or a map it is easy to navigate and no two ways to do it. Maybe that’s why whole of Delhi and Punjab seems to have come there.

Mom and son in full spirits. No looking back

Mom didn’t give up. She wanted us to complete the trek. Fellow trekkers started motivating my mom and cheering her up for the spirit to be able to trek up at this age. My son became a ‘rock star’ as all people started praising him for doing trek at such a small age. So both mom and son were in full spirit to climb up. As we started going higher the path became narrow there was a point where only one person could pass through there was deep valley below one wrong step and gone. With help of a guide of another group my mom and son crossed that stretch.

Zero visibility ahead be careful

Fog covered mountains, cool breeze, showers of rain it was so mesmerizing. Have you experienced it? Due to fog, the road ahead wasn’t clearly visible. It was like walking between the clouds. Felt like out of the world. The last stretch was little difficult for mom as the path was steep and straight upwards. Trekkers were helpful they helped mom climb up finally we reached the top.

Every travel we meet different types of people. Some people leave a mark in our life. One such person was a full energetic 70 yr old uncle and 60 yr old lady who were also trekking up with us. Uncle being a Himachali, born and bought up in hills was climbing the hill swiftly and with proper care. With a never saanyany spirit they climbed up and after some time, they started descending down.
View from the top was amazing but the crowd due to long weekend dampened the excitement. Full hilltop was filled with numerous no of tents making it too crowded.

Check the video of my mom and sons first trek

First experience in tent

Settled into a tent after a long tiring trek. Took a small nap. When I woke up and stepped out of the tent it was dark and cloudy outside at 3 pm it felt like night. The view of Dhualadhar ranges was breathtaking. I started wandering around enjoying the cold climate. Sipping a cup of hot tea in the cold weather I walked around the top and sat down gazing at the beauty of nature listening to songs. Time had come to standstill.

It started raining making the place more beautiful and cold. Cold climate and dark surroundings was a different experience. Night view with the glazing stars will always remain a beautiful memory. We enjoyed sitting and gazing at the sky with unlimited stars, a view we hardly get to see in our city life. It was like reliving my childhood.For my son, it was first such experience. We counted stars, saw various formations of stars. Slowly the noises faded and everyone started settling into the tents. Silent night, dazzling stars and mind at complete peace, an experience which cannot be described in words.

First experience of sleeping in sleeping bags inside the tent for all 3 of us. As we had not planned for staying over at night we weren’t carrying warm clothing. Few fellow trekkers were very humble they gave us the extra jackets they were carrying which helped us sleep through the night. Temperatures fall at night it was very cold so please whenever u plan to trek to Truind do carry warm clothes.

Head back to mcleodganj

Sky lite with sun felt like we were living a dream. We woke up early to enjoy the rising sun. We wanted to trek down before it would get much hot later in the day. We started trekking down at 6am. Trekking down was also little difficult as steps were steep. We took enough breaks as mom and my son was getting tired. Finally, we completed our trek successfully. Was one amazing night.
Mom had pain in her knees for a couple of days but for her, this was a unique experience she will remember and cherish always. Mom this trek is a reminder you don’t say no to new experiences. You have lived all your lives doing things for others, now it is time to start living the second innings of your life on your terms. My first blog is a motivation for both of us, for me to try and pen down my beautiful travel experiences and for you to see life with a new perspective.
Thank you for taking out time to read my blog. Do feel free to comment and do tell me how did you find this article hope I did little justice to what we experienced that day by writing this article.



  1. Nice writing my child. Easyly understandable. Each line make me feeling that I was with u all and really missed a chance to be with you all. Good. Keep it up. Keep on writing and sharing the experiences. All the best .


  2. Sowmiya, I also happened to trek along with you and family while I was reading it !!
    Hope you share more such accounts to inspire people who dream it to do someday👍


  3. Well written sowmi it has come out very well as you wrote it from your heart..i could visualise the whole trek as if I was there too..the expressions were good…good luck…keep writing..


  4. Well done,Sowmya.Really great. Unbelievable that Kavitha would do such trekking.Fantastic write up of the adventure.God bless you all.


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